V O I C E   L E S S O N S  &  C O A C H I N G S 

Are you...

...feeling like you want to sing more, but you want some training?

...in a show and need help learning the material?

...preparing for an audition/call-back?

...convinced you "can't sing" but always wished you could?

...a singer who wants to expand their range and grow their voice?

...someone who simply loves musical theater and wants to become a better performer?

I bring my unique combination of in-depth classical training and vast experience working in professional musical theater to our sessions to create a well-rounded approach to singing. I firmly believe in meeting every person where they are, no matter your level of experience, and I will make sure that our sessions are guided by what you need help with.


Here are just a few examples of what my clients and I work on:

  • vocal technique, from the basics to advanced;

  • note-and-rhythm help for new repertoire;

  • musicality and phrasing;

  • text analysis;

  • understanding the music and how to make varied dramatic choices;

  • drilling a call-back side or anything else that you have to learn quickly;

  • audition preparation, including making cuts and how to comport yourself;

  • finding the right key for you on a particular song;

  • finding new material/repertoire that is right for you AND that excites you.

Become a more confident singer and actor.


60 minutes: $70

45 minutes: $60

30 minutes: $55

Note: Due to Covid-19, only electronic payments, via Venmo or Paypal, are being accepted at this time.