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V O I C E   S T U D I O

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Do you...

...believe you "can't sing" but wish you could?

...want to sing more, but you want some training?

...need help preparing for an audition/call-back?

...want to expand your range and grow your voice?

...need help learning the material for a show you're in?

...simply love musical theater and want to become a better performer?

I firmly believe in meeting every person where they are, no matter your level of experience, and I will make sure that our sessions are guided by what you want help withMy approach to vocal technique is evidence-based, science-informed, and communication-focused. My goal is not simply to help you develop a technical foundation but to help you understand how that technique serves you as a set of tools for telling stories onstage. To that end, some examples of things we'll often work on include:

  • foundations in the four systems of singing (breath, phonation, resonance, articulation);

  • musicality and phrasing;

  • text (lyric) analysis;

  • musical analysis;

  • making varied dramatic choices;

  • audition preparation;

  • finding new material/repertoire that is right for you AND that excites you;


...and whatever else you need!

Become a more confident singer and actor.


Note: Electronic payments via Zelle are strongly preferred. Venmo and checks are also accepted.

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